15 reasons to jailbreak your iPhone

15 reasons to jailbreak your iPhone
Jailbreaking, in a nutshell, gives you all of the glamour of owning an iPhone, while retaining the flexibility features of Android. The process itself is quick and easy, and is legal under US law. It rarely has any effect on the App Store applications …
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Remote smartphone diagnostics: the new Carrier IQ or helpful support tool?
First, these apps aren't uninstallable. Just like any standard piece of bloatware, you can't get rid of it. If you purchased an LG Revolution or Samsung Droid Charge and ever want to update your phone to the latest bug fixes and software upgrades, …
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Want Better Android Battery Life? Stop Being Such a Cheapskate
New research suggests that you can dramatically boost the life of your Android smartphone by avoiding free, ad-based mobile applications that suck up system resources and power. So stop being so stingy and drop a dollar or two for the ad-free versions …
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Verizon to push out Droid Charge update 'soon'
The update also provides a new user interface and updated versions of Verizon Navigator, Google Books, Google Market and Gmail apps. The remote diagnostics app is currently being provided to the Droid Revolution through a software update being shipped …
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