Q&A: My droid razr is taking really long to turn on?

Question by LindseyF: My droid razr is taking really long to turn on?
So a little black box popped up telling me to upgrade a new version so i installed it. My droid got stuck on a screen that said “Android upgrading… Starting applications.” it was stuck on that screen for a while so i decided to hold in the power button and volume low button. it then began to turn back on but it got stuck on the booting screen. Someone please help?

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Answer by Aaren
I think problem in your battery. try with another battery.

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Teavana Perfect Tea Touch

Teavana Perfect Tea TouchTeavana Perfect Tea Touch by Teavana features everything you could ever need to blend and steep your favorite Teavana teas!  The layout is simple, making migration a breeze!  On the main screen, you’ll see five icons for different routes you can take throughout the apps: Teas, Tea Blender, Tea Timer, Store Locator and Shop.  The “Teas” tab will take you to a detailed list of every tea, in every flavor Teavana offers!  If you know what you’re looking for, you can simply use the search box, but if you’re wanting to discover new flavors, you can search by the tea type, whether it’s white, green, oolong, black, herbal, rooibos, mate or blooming.  Once you pick the type of teas you fancy, you can scroll through every option alphabetically!  If you find one that sounds good, you can tap on it, which will bring you to a new screen with full details including how to prepare it, how to steep it, how to blend it, health info, ingredients and a full description!  At the bottom of this screen there’s also an option to buy it!  The “buy it” option brings you to the “Shop” where you’ll be able to fill in your size and quantity desires and then add it to your bag!  It’s phenomenal!  You are charged for shipping, unless you have a coupon code.  So, if you’d rather use the store locator to find a nearby location, you can do that, too!


Teavana Perfect Tea TouchTeavana Perfect Tea Touch’s Tea Blender section was impressive!  I’m fairly new to tea drinking, so this section gave me so many great ideas!  Also, I love that there’s a “Favorites” tab!  I didn’t mention this earlier, because it’s not on the main screen.  It’s at the very bottom of your screen.  Anyway, you can place all the teas that sounds good in this section to help you narrow down your options, because if you know anything about Teavana, you know your options are nearly limitless!  Teavana Perfect Tea Touch is a great place to explore various flavors, how to blend them and even where to buy them!


iTunes lists Teavana Perfect Tea Touch’s features as such:

  • Tea timer with specific instructions for Teavana teas or generic tea instructions. Tea timer is a visual and musical delight offering unique sounds depending on which type of tea you’re steeping.
  • Tea blender tool that suggests other teas to blend with your favorites. Great way to discover new tastes!
  • Detailed information on Teavana teas including ingredients, steeping instructions and health benefits.
  • Mark your favorite Teavana teas for quick access anytime.
  • Store locator that finds the Teavana stores nearest you.
  • Share your favorite tea blends on Facebook or via email with friends.


iTunes describes Teavana Perfect Tea Touch like so:

Make the perfect cup of tea with our Perfect Tea Touch app! It features everything you need to blend and steep your favorite teas including a musical tea timer.  Become a tea expert with our Perfect Tea Touch app. It has all the tea-making expertise you need right at your fingertips. And it makes discovering delicious new tea blends easy and fun!  Download Teavana’s Perfect Tea Touch today!

Teavana Perfect Tea Touch
Teavana Perfect Tea Touch
Teavana Perfect Tea Touch
Teavana Perfect Tea Touch
Teavana Perfect Tea Touch



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