PS3 Tackles Slow Market: God of War, All-Stars Battle Royale, Price Cut

PS3 Tackles Slow Market: God of War, All-Stars Battle Royale, Price Cut

(Photo: Sony) – PS3 Tackles Slow Market: God of War, All-Stars Battle Royale, Price Cut

Last week’s announcement of PlayStation 3’s anticipated title “Gods of War: Ascension” is now being joined by a speculated brawl title called ” PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.”

Fans have learned of the Super Smash Bros. brawler like fighting game awhile back and recent evidence may reveal that game development company “Superbot” is supposedly working on it.  The title would bring together all of PlayStation’s favorite characters in an epic multiplayer fighting game. Superbot posted the following message on their Twitter account according to TheSixthAxis.

“SuperBot Entertainment is a new game studio. We are currently in production on a yet-to-be announced PS3 title for SCEA,” read the tweet.

Rumored characters to be featured in the game includes Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth, , Parappa the Rappa, Sly Cooper, Unchartered’s Nathan Drake, Killzone’s Mael Radec, Fat Princess, and God of War’s Kratos. 

According to GTTV, the big PS3 reveal may happen this week.  That would add fuel to the fire as “God of War: Ascension” was revealed last week and speculated to hit stores in 2013.  The title make it the seventh game in the God of War franchise and fourth to be released on PlayStation 3.  God of War: Ascension is a prequel to the first game, which was released in 2005.  God of War is based off of ancient mythology and Greek Gods walking among the earth. 

Two new anticipated game titles would make a strong case for extending the value of the PlayStation 3 console.  Some retailers may see otherwise as price cuts were made, dropping the console from $249 to $199.  Though Sony has not officially announced price drops for the PS3, gaming retail company GameStop has posted a reduced listing for the 160GB model.

In an interview with, a representative said that its price was just a “temporary GameStop promotion.”

No official confirmations have been made at this point as fans await for Sony to unveil exclusive surprises at this year’s E3 video game press conference in June.  One thing is for sure, the PlayStation appears to be alive and kicking despite the gloomy outlook of the video game industry.  Perhaps it can prolong the PS3 console long enough until their next-gen PlayStation 4 hits the market.  Sony already confirmed that the PS4 will debut before Microsoft’s Xbox 720.


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