AppNation III Conference: One Developer’s Perspective

A few MWA developers attended AppNation, so I invited them to record their impressions for our community. Here is the summary from Yadong at Kwiqapps

I was at the AppNation III conference in San Francisco at the beginning of December. Through my participation in the IGDA’s Silicon Valley chapter (, I received a free table in the demo area on the exhibition floor. Since I just came off launching my latest app Noodle Words, I thought it would be fun to demo it at the show.

Between manning the table and wandering around on the show floor, I had a couple of observations that may or may not relate directly to what a kids app developer is doing. But hopefully these can give you an idea of what is happening in the larger industry.

Monetization and Distribution

Monetization and distribution of apps is a big topic at the show. In a nutshell, the problem of monetization is how a developer can generate revenue from their apps. The problem of distribution is essentially how to get your apps discovered and ranked on various App Stores. As a developer myself, I know these problems exist and judging from talking to others at the show, it appears that I am not alone. There are literally dozens of companies in the show that were hawking their products and services aimed at helping developers with monetization and distribution. Tapjoy and Flurry are the biggest players in the space. Numerous startups are getting in the game

Cross Platform Development

Even though the app race is largely between iOS and Android, other platforms are coming into play, including desktops. Cross-platform development is on a lot of developers’ minds. There are generally two approaches to cross-platform development. The first approach is the use of HTML5. The other is using platform-independent programming language like C/C++ etc. HTML5 was a popular discussion topic at the show, and two notable companies, Sibblingz (Spaceport) and FunSockets, were active in the conference. Unity 3D is the leading tool set for cross-platform game development on iOS and Android although I didn’t notice their presence (it is possible I missed it). However, I did run into a representative from Ideaworks 3D, who makes this C/C++ based cross-platform SDK called Marmalade ( I don’t have any first-hand experience with the SDK but their website showcased a top ranked game ”Backbreaker 2″ by NaturalMotion Games. I was also told that the interactive iPad book “Harold and Purple Crayon” was created by using the SDK.

Incubators and Talent Wars

At the conference, the organizer AppNation actually announced an partnership with Black Ocean to create an App Incubator to fund ”talented entrepreneurs and developers”. The program will start in early 2012 and is taking applications now at The promotion and monetization company W3i announced its $ 10 million AppX game developer fund, primarily used to help third party developers’ user acquisitions on iOS and Android. So it looks like development teams with great talent and/or existing games will be in huge demand going forward. Competition for both talent and App Store visibility are getting more fierce.

I may have missed other important happenings at the conference. There are lots of startups and content being created. Money (from VCs and other sources) is being thrown at these companies. But all in all, things are moving really really fast in the apps/games industry. These are exciting yet challenging times for everyone involved.

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Keystone Augusta Sponsors Caribbean Technology Conference

(PRWEB) November 25, 2011

Keystone Augusta, a private investment firm and associate company of The RMP Group is one of the major sponsors of Caribbean Beta, a technology entrepreneurship conference being held in Kingston, Jamaica on Friday, November 25.

Caribbean Beta, an initiative of Ingrid Riley, will be featuring presentations by tech legend Marc Canter and a host of US and Caribbean-based entrepreneurs and investors.

David Mullings, a Managing Partner with Keystone Augusta and a Business Development Manager with The RMP Group will be interviewed on stage at the conference about opportunities he sees, raising capital from investors, areas of interest and advice based on his experience with Random Media, the integrated media company he co-founded with his brother Robert that is an approved iOS developer and distributor of eBooks for the Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks stores.

“It was natural for Keystone to support Caribbean Beta because technology has changed the way entrepreneurship works. You can be based anywhere and tap into solid markets. I look forward to sharing of experiences of negotiating with companies like YouTube, successfully raising capital from outside investors and possibly finding some ventures to invest in” said David Mullings.

Ingrid Riley said “The Caribbean is becoming a hotspot for tech startups and Caribbean Caribbean BETA, our inaugural tech entrepreneurship conference brings our smartest and passionate entrepreneurs, global experts and progressive sponsors such Keystone Augusta who help to further ensure that we deliver the tech equivalent of Bob Marley and Usain Bolt.”

Co-founder of Keystone Augusta and a Managing Partner, Robert Mullings added “I feel that it is our duty to support entrepreneurship in the Caribbean because it helped to change the trajectory of our lives and we must pay it forward, helping others to avoid the mistakes we made. The Caribbean has a wealth of talent that just needs more support both in terms of advice and investment capital.”

The Mullings brothers are mentioned in the Donna Fenn book “Upstarts” which focused on a number of entrepreneurs in the USA under the age 30. David Mullings was also asked to endorse “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” alongside Donny Deutsch written by Mike Michalowicz.

They founded Random Media which is now a subsidiary of Keystone Augusta and run by CEO Richard Lue. Random Media recently released an iPhone application for RealVibez, another subsidiary of Keystone. Keystone has invested in a technology venture launching in Jamaica in January 2012 and is actively looking at investment opportunities around the globe in a range of industries.