Diablo III Video Game, From Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo III Video Game, From Blizzard Entertainment
In those benighted times, video games hardly rated a blip on the mass-entertainment and cultural radar — that took a few more years and the likes of the Wii and World of Warcraft. But among the young men and women flocking to the Internet, …
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Wii U, video game sequels take another swing at next week's Electronic
Critical reaction was mixed, and the Japanese gaming giant's stock dropped. “Nintendo has an uphill battle this year,” said Morgan Webb, co-host of the G4 gaming show “X-Play.” ''It's really a branding problem. I think a lot of people are still …
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Humpday Bump: The Diablo 3 Sells 6.3 Million Units Edition

On Wednesdays I spend my time looking for a digital buffet of gaming goodies – I post them here on the Humpday Bump. Today’s bump features the exploits of a little game you may have heard of called Diablo 3. …

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The Assasin’s Creed Systems is a hot seller in eBay. More info. http://t.co/ID8GSVgIby assasins_player (Assasins Game Fan)

The Diablo III Beta: IGN’s Readers Have Their Say

A few weeks ago, we put the word out for anyone playing the Diablo III beta to tell us what they think of it. We received hundreds of responses, via IGN comments, Facebook and email. A huge thank you to everyone who constructively contributed! Unfortunately, we obviously can’t have everyone represen…

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John Mayer covers Lana Del Rey’s Videogames http://t.co/tkILWxPw (cc @soodcito ) – by betotoro (B. ✌)