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New 500GB PS3 Sparks UK Sales Surge

New PS3 Slim
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The last time Sony introduced an overhauled PlayStation 3, sales skyrocketed and remained high for a while.

Obviously, with the unveiling of no less than three new models (only two of which are currently confirmed for the US), Sony is hoping for a repeat of history. And the good news is, sales have definitely climbed in the UK. Not too shocking.

As noted by GameSpot, new GFK sales data shows PS3 hardware sales surging 138% when compared to the previous week, and this is due in large part to the newly released 500GB PS3, which went on sale in the region on September 28. GFK has reported that the fresh model accounted for 37% of all PS3s sold during the week, and that’s quite significant and a good sign.

If you’ve forgotten, the new PS3 is about 20% smaller and 25% lighter and also features a new disc drive. Gamers in North America will have access to the 250GB and 500GB versions but it remains to be seen if that 12GB flash memory system is US-bound.

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10/2/2012 9:12:09 PM Ben Dutka

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Why no Dawnguard, Heathfire for PS3 yet

To this date, no Skyrim DLC has been released ever for the PlayStation 3 console, and we might just have the answer.

We recently stumbled upon to this theory made by one of our readers about the delay by Bethesda in delivering the Dawnguard expansion.

We’re not sure whether we support it, but it is interesting to look at.

Here’s what Falcon D. Stormvoice has posted:

“It’s sad how fanboys try to blame the pre-existing console for the Dev not tailoring it to that console. Bethesda tried to get away with being lazy, and that’s not Sony’s fault.”

“What it comes down to is, they ported the 360 version to PS3, engine and all. Bethesda could have made an engine for the PS3 version that used the cell processor and hard drive more instead of putting all of the stress on RAM.”

“Patches were able to make Skyrim run smoothly on PS3, but with this engine, adding even more content via DLC becomes very problematic. At this point, this is the most likely explanation for why it has taken this long — you can’t fix engines with patches. It also handily explains why they can’t say what the difficulty is — they’d have to cop to neglecting their PS3 customers.”

“Whatever money they saved by merely porting, it probably won’t assuage the effects of the enmity they’ve fomented between PS3 customers and themselves.”

What do you think? Is PS3 too advanced enough to handle that they had to resort to ports?