The world’s most comprehensive list of iPad apps for tweens (and their parents)

It used to be easy to pick out appropriate iPad fare for my son and I to enjoy together. What amuses a toddler or young child, however, doesn’t necessarily engage a tween.
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RT @romainguy: RT @romainguy: Google Calendar is now on the Play Store: gkilleen (gk)

Musical tower defense game Bad Hotel flips genre conventions on their heads

What I love about the App Store is just how often truly original and creative games come out. Granted, the vast majority of them are derivative clones. This is especially true of the tower defense genre. But with so many games being released every day, there is always something worthwhile. This week, that something is Bad Hotel from Lucky Frame. It’s a game that asks, “What if tower defense games were actually about defending towers?” Then it throws in unique visuals, a big Texan bad guy, and music-making mechanics before calling it a day.
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RT @UN: #SouthAfrica: #humanrights expert said this week that safety conditions at mines have room for improvement wanimo9 (Waithira Macharia)

The Diablo III Beta: IGN’s Readers Have Their Say

A few weeks ago, we put the word out for anyone playing the Diablo III beta to tell us what they think of it. We received hundreds of responses, via IGN comments, Facebook and email. A huge thank you to everyone who constructively contributed! Unfortunately, we obviously can’t have everyone represen…

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John Mayer covers Lana Del Rey’s Videogames (cc @soodcito ) – by betotoro (B. ✌)